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$25.00 booking fee which is used toward your service

Stomach $120.00 per session
Back $120.00 per session
Stomach and Back $200.00
Thighs $75.00
Chin $60.00

Body Ice
$180.00 full body session is 1 hour and also includes a 30 minute heated detox session
(Cannot be transferred)

Vacuum BBL
$95.00 per session

Wood Therapy
1 hour $100.00 ($112.00 w/coffee scrub
30 mins $60.00 ($72.00 w/coffee scrub

Sauna detox heated bed $60.00 an hour(add $10.00 for coffee scrub)

Foot detox with scrub- 30 minutes $45.00

Are you dealing with stubborn fat, Double Chin, Love Handles or that extra back fat??
Avoid expensive procedures and let KWBC help you lose inches in those unwanted areas.

Best results with proper diet, less calories, exercise and water intake!

Don't forget a good quality waist trainer!  

Call for consultation  and to schedule your booking

$25.00 booking fee which is used toward your service

Thank you!  

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